Cory Summerhays

is a seasoned chef and professionally trained culinary artisan in the Tucson, Arizona, area.

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Cory Summerhays is a seasoned chef and professionally trained culinary artisan in the Tucson, Arizona, area. Introduced to the joys of cooking and food preparation at a young age, Summerhays has followed his passion for meal-prep artistry across the Southwestern United States, creating boundary-pushing, tongue-tingling dishes to communities and thousands of delighted patrons throughout Arizona, Nevada, Idaho, Utah and Colorado.

A specialist in cutting-edge Caribbean, French and American cuisines, Cory Summerhays apprenticed with some of the more notable culinary talents in Chicago before relocating to the American Southwest and branching out on his own. It wasn’t long after joining a Nevada Caribbean-themed restaurant that Summerhays established a reputation for culinary experimentation and excellence, setting himself apart for his bold culinary approach and the courage to fuse Caribbean flair and flavors with long-favored American standards.

Since his initial foray into the fast-paced world of professional meal prep, Cory Summerhays has enjoyed successful leadership stints at restaurants in Utah, Idaho and Colorado. One of the newest members of the Tucson, Arizona culinary scene, Summerhays looks to make his mark quickly and bring inspired, delectable, and devastatingly delicious fusion dishes to patrons and foodies throughout the area.

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